← Previous Story Regional (Ex-Yu) “S” League with Kielce, Wisla and Tatran! Next Story → “Theft in Goppingen” (Video) BiH handballMuhamed ToromanovićWisla Plock The best line player of Bosna and Herzegovina, Muhamed Toromanović (27) will move from Denmark’s KIF Kolding at the end of the season and become a member of Polish Wisla Plock. Second strentgh of Polish handball has a huge ambition to be closer to the champions, Vive Targi Kielce. On that way, quality line player as Toromanović will be more than usefull.Toromanović got player’s afirmation in Bosna BH Gas, with whom he played in the EHF Champions League. Until 2008, he played for TOP Danish team, which also participated in the best team’s competition in Europe. Normally, the first choice for BiH NT in the past, Toromanović is punished by coach, Vojislav Radja and won’t be part of the team in the next games of EURO 2012 qualification process. read more

Building up on their first wins from the first round, Krim Ljubljana, FTC and Larvik continued with victories and are considerably closer to semi-finals, although there are still four rounds left. With Andrea Penezic‘s 11 goals, Krim Ljubljana beat Romanian “Dream-team” Oltchim with 28:24 (13:10), and with FTC‘s win over Zvezda Zvenigorod of 35:34 (18:17), these two teams are now sharing the first place in Group 2 with 4 points each. In Podgorica, Buducnost seemed now farther from defending the title. After the 10-goal defeat in Gyor, now Dragan Adzic’s team lost to Norwegian Larvik with 18:20 (9:8). ← Previous Story Swedish goalkeeper Richard Kappelin joins Al-Gharafa Qatar Sports Club Next Story → Official Statement about Katarina Bulatovic’s future: Negotiations only after the end of CL adzicbuducnostEHFFTCpenezictomori read more

Nikolaj Jakobsen will replace Gudmundur Gudmundsson before summer on the Danish bench! The Danish Handball Federation announced arrival of the Danish coach for upcoming matches in the qualification for the Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in first week of May.“We were in a situation where Gudmundur had already decided to stop as coach this summer, so when Nikolaj Jacobsen was able to start his coach deed already here in the spring, Gudmundur and we have agreed to let Nikolaj lead the troops already from the upcoming European Championship qualifying, said the Secretary General of the Danish Handball Federation, Morten Stig Christensen.Denmark achieved historical success with Icelander Gudmundur Gudmundsson by winning Olympic gold in Rio. However, Danes didn’t win any other medal since 2014 on three other competitions with Icelander on the helm. Denmark HandballGudmundur GudmundssonNikolaj Jakobsen ← Previous Story Bilyk saves Kiel’s hopes for fourth place Next Story → Ludovic Fabregas to FC Barcelona Lassa? read more

← Previous Story Luka Sebetic to Tremblay – Mario Vuglac is back to PPD Zagreb! Next Story → Mikkel Hansen about handball rules: I am big fan of shot-clock! It looked that Serbian playmaker Nenad Vuckovic will finish his career with farewell party in Melsungen, where he spent last nine years, but 37-years old shooter changed his mind. The Ex-Melsungen captain and member of silver Serbian squad at Men’s EHF EURO 2012 in Belgrade, decided to extend career with RK Vojvodina Novi Sad.The five-time in a row Serbian champions will play at SEHA GAZPROM League this season after a season of absence, but also will try to go as far as they can at EHF Cup.Alongside Vuckovic, another experienced left back Bozidar Nadoveza decided to go back home. Nadoveza played last few years at Spanish Anaitasuna Helvetia. The 36-years old Serb already played at RK Vojvodina Novi Sad. read more

← Previous Story ROLE OF THE HANDBALL WEEK: No. 1 Cyril Dumoulin! Next Story → Slavko Goluza about lost Tatran’s EHF CL chance: This team need some time The best team of Poland, PGE Vive Kielce showed domination at the start of the season in domestic Championship by routine away win against MKS Kalisz 36:20 (16:10). The team coached by Talant Dujshebaev got the new title sponsors “PGE” which replaced legendary Tauron in the name of the club, but on the court, everything stayed the same.MKS Kalisz – PGE Vive Kielce 20:36 (10:16)MKS: Tatar, Zakreta – Bożek 4, Adamski 4, Rosiek 3, Kniaziew 2, Czerwiński 2, Bałwas 1, Grozdek 1, Misiejuk 1, Drej 1, Adamczak 1, Galewski, Krytski, Kwiatkowski, Kobusiński.PGE Vive: Szmal, Ivić – Jurecki 1, Bis 1, Kus 1 (1/1), Aguinagalde 2, Bielecki 3 (0/1), Jachlewski 2, Strlek 8, Janc 6, Lijewski 4, Jurkiewicz 2, Mamić 2, Bombac, Djukić 4 PGE Vive Kielce read more

first_imgFEMALE DRIVERS MAY face considerable increases in their car insurance premiums next year thanks to European Commission guidelines on gender discrimination. From 21 December 2012, insurers will not be allowed to take gender into account when calculating premiums and benefits. Miriam O’Neill of AA Ireland writes:YOUNG FEMALE DRIVERS are being treated unfairly. These new directives could see their premiums soar as much as 50 per cent.There is a difference statistically between male and female drivers, particularly the under-30 age brackets. The Road Safety Authority Collision Fact Book shows that male drivers are three times more likely to die in a traffic crash than female car drivers. That is a huge discrepancy. Statistically women are better drivers and there is no denying that fact.Bad parkingThis is all about the question of behaviour on the road. Men are more likely to take more risks on the road, and to some extent it seems to generate excitement for them.  It’s well known that young male drivers are the highest risk.However, we have done research into minor crashes – in the likes of car parks – and women actually fared worse in this area. Unfortunately, the age-old cliché does apply to women – we are worse on spatial relations.But women should be rewarded for taking care. With this change, it will no longer be the case that you are rewarded for your demographic having fewer accidents. The statistics and research are there to look at; that women make more calculated decisions. It is the same with anything else insurers take into consideration when they are giving you a quote – such as if the car is in a higher risk area. All these things are taken into consideration when analysing the risk of the driver, and gender is just another one of those segments. The system we have had for the past few years is really the fairest way to analyse risk.DiscriminationEquality versus fairness is what we are talking about. While this might bring in equality, it does not necessarily bring about fairness. While it does address gender discrimination, the question has to be asked: how far do we go if we are going down this route? It could become ‘discrimination’ to ask where someone lives. That would be something that would be too difficult to look at on a European level – and far more difficult to implement – so they have to draw a line in the sand at some point.If the AA were to be entirely honest, we would be of the opinion that this is a case of EU guidelines gone mad. From our polls we have found that men tend to drive more aggressively – we asked drivers would they deliberately tail-gate another driver and 22 per cent of males said they would in comparison to 17 per cent of females. Also 20 per cent of males said they would deliberately race on a public road. These are worrying statistics.At the end of the day, the statistics show that male and female driving behaviour is very different. The insurance price should represent that.Miram O’Neill is a communications executive at AA Ireland.Car insurance premiums for female drivers set to soar after December>last_img read more

first_imgThere was no realistic expectation that the pension levy was going to be abolished completely. To be moved from 0.6 per cent to 0.15 per cent was positive. Overall I think Mr Noonan was being practical with his approach to this.He said that his organisation would “hope that we are coming to a new phase in Ireland”.The reality of what’s facing Irish individuals and Irish people is we need to save, we need to be saving for our pension, we need to be saving for our retirements – because this State is not going to be able to afford paying people the State pension down the line.“Pro-jobs, pro-tourism”Adrian Cummins, CEO Restaurant Association of Ireland Cummins joined all of those in the hospitality sector in welcoming the retention of the 9 per cent VAT rate, describing it as “a huge success”.We launched a campaign to show that it has worked to create 15,200 jobs, we dropped our prices, made ourselves more competitive, made eating out good for the economy and the Minister has given confidence to our sector by keeping [the VAT rate] in place in Budget 2014.He said that the abolition of the travel tax is “another plus” and that we are “now well on the road for growth in the tourist industry”.The only “sting” in the Budget was the increase in excise duty on a bottle of wine, said Cummins, adding that it could affect tourists.Cummins described Budget 2014 as “very much pro-jobs but also a pro-tourism budget”.“Very welcome”Irene Gunning, Early Childhood Ireland(Video TheJournal.ie/YouTube)Gunning said that there is money available for mentoring, the inspectorate and training.  “It’s very welcome,” she said, describing it as “an investment in people which is different to what’s happened in the past where you had investment only in bricks and mortar”.However, she said that they are disappointed with the amount of money made available, “because when that money is stretched out among the sector it will be stretched thinly”.She also welcomed extra staff in the garda vetting unit, which will help childcare providers. Gunning said that the sick pay reduction “is going to be problematic” as their sector is “very underpaid and under resourced”.“Broadly welcoming”Catherine Joyce, BarnardosJoyce said that Barnardos is “broadly welcoming the Budget”.In some ways after several years of really, really tough budgets where families were targeted and children particularly targeted with cuts to child benefit, I think it’s a massive relief to many of us that this year child benefit is protected, social welfare payments are being protected.I know from families in our services that a lot of families were really dreading today and really fearful of what was coming so I think there is some respite for families in that.She said that Barnardos has been calling for free GP care for under fives for many years, so this is positive news.“No surprises” AJ Noonan, Small Firms Association chairmanNoonan said that there are a lot of positive things in the Budget to be welcomed, and that the construction announcements have to be teased out but sound positive.He felt that negative elements included the increase in excise duties, and the continuation of the pension levy.There were “no big surprises”, said Noonan, but “there’s a lot of hidden bits and pieces in there that will affect consumers more than businesses”.I think the fact there was no increase on taxation on work was the most positive thing – that will allow people to regroup and go forward – if we had increases in that it would have been a bad day for the fragile recovery that is taking place.The capital gains tax exemption for properties sold next year was also positive, said Noonan.“Welcome”Caroline Fahey, St Vincent de Paul Fahey said that they welcomed the fact there was no cut to child benefit or core social welfare. “We ran a campaign in the run-up to the Budget and it seems that the Government was listening to us when we said that families couldn’t take any more cuts to those payments”.She questioned whether the medical card changes could see cards taken from those who need them.“Small measures that seem small can really make a huge difference to a person who is struggling,” said Fahey.“An easier budget”Danny McCoy, CEO IBEC(Video TheJournal.ie/YouTube) McCoy said that he thinks the Budget is “providing a bit of a stimulus to the economy”, and it reflects where the economy is going.The unfortunate thing is the government’s learned the lesson: when it cuts taxes more activity takes place like in the hospitality sector, that’s a welcome move, but then simultaneously it goes and increases excise taxes and the problem there is it may not get the revenue it requires.He said that despite some new taxes, “overall it’s quite a positive Budget because it reflects where the economy is going, and that’s into a better place”.“Happy with the outcome”Tom Parlon, Construction Industry Federation (Video TheJournal.ie/YouTube)There was much talk of the construction industry in the Budget, and Parlon said that they were happy with the outcome, as “there is an opportunity to now grow the industry”.“We’ve already created an extra 6,000 jobs in construction already this year,” said Parlon, nothing that a number of construction projects were mentioned in the Budget.He praised the incentive for householders to renovate their property, as well as the investment of €30 million for the national housing scheme, €10 million for housing estates, a €200 million for a general package for roads, for energy efficiency, and for a venue centre in Cork.“Clearly the big thing that we can bring to the table is that as soon as there are job opportunities for us, we will be hiring people,” said Parlon.“Pretty good for business”Ian Talbot, Chambers IrelandTalbot’s immediate reaction was “it’s pretty good for business”.There are quite a few more measures we had been calling for which were delivered. Things like the retention of the 9 per cent VAT rate for hospitality, very positive, the introduction of a scheme for home repairs, maintenance, and so on, again very encouraged by that, particularly phrased as a tax rebate, which means that construction work will be done by companies and individuals who are within the tax system complaint, so that’s very positive.He noted that “is funny that in a way that it took an increase in employment [for the government] to realise the need to implement measures to increase employment”.The reduction of the number of sick days the department will pay for “seems like a fairly trivial measure from the government’s perspective to save €22 million”, he added, “and it can have a real impact on the desire of an individual thinking about employing someone new”.He said the provision to give someone who has been unemployed for 15 months a two-year tax holiday, “is a great idea to just give someone that incentive to get up and do something”.- Additional reporting Nicky Ryan. Filming and editing by Nicky Ryan.Read: Budget 2014: the key things to know from today’s announcement>Read:  Budget 2014 liveblog: As it happened> THE BUDGET ANNOUNCEMENT can be a time of worry and stress, with people anticipating the worst.This year there were a number of groups who were relieved at what they heard when Ministers Michael Noonan and Brendan Howlin detailed the changes under Budget 2014. Though they were not unanimously delighted with the overall Budget, they felt that there were many positives to be found.They spoke to TheJournal.ie immediately after the Budget announcement was made.“Positive”Joe Moran, IFG Pension, Investments and Advisory Services Moran described the Budget as “positive enough”.last_img read more

first_imgTHE EU IS today preparing to levy record fines against a number of banks that are thought to have fixed interest rates.The identities of the banks have not yet been disclosed by Brussels, but Reuters has named Citigroup, RBS, Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank.It is thought that Swiss bank UBS will avoid a fine because it raised the issue with EU authorities.The banks are accused of attempting to fix the rates at which banks would lend to each other.Banks lend in either in euro (the Euribor rate) or yen (yen Libor, which is priced in London), or both.The Japanese rate, known as the Tibor, is also being investigated.Reports this morning suggest that each bank could be fined as much as €1.6 billion – €800 million for each rate. If true, that will be the largest antitrust fine in the history of the EU.An announcement is expected from the EU’s competition commissioner this morning, but some banks are believed to be fighting the sanctions.Read: Bank of Ireland to begin repaying €1.8 billion to the StateRead: Investor compensation fund able to deal with future significant company failureslast_img read more

first_imgLIVE: Dáil debates the findings of the Magdalene Laundries report I begin today’s debate by thanking Dr Martin McAleese and his team for their excellent work on this report.I thank equally all the women who met with them to assist in its compilation. I also thank the religious orders who cooperated fully with Dr. McAleese.Together they have helped provide Ireland with a document of truth.The Magdalene laundries have cast a long shadow over Irish life over our sense of who we are.It’s just two weeks since we received this report: the first-ever detailed Report into the State’s involvement in the Magdalene Laundries.It shines a bright and necessary light on a dark chapter of Ireland’s history.On coming to office the Government was determined to investigate the facts of the State’s involvement.The government was adamant that these ageing and elderly women would get the compassion and the recognition for which they have fought for so long deserved so deeply and had, until now, been so abjectly denied.The reality is that for 90 years Ireland subjected these women and their experience to a profound and studied indifference.I was determined because of this that this Government – this Dáil – would take the necessary time not just to commission the Report but to actually study it and having done so to reflect on its findings.I believe that was the best way to formulate a plan and strategy that would help us make amends for the State’s role in the hurt of these extraordinary women.I’m glad that so many of the women themselves agreed with that approach.And I’m glad that this time of reflection gave me the chance to do the most important thing of all: to meet personally with the Magdalene Women. To sit down with them, face to face, to listen to their stories.It was a humbling and inspiring experience.Today, as their Taoiseach, I am privileged to welcome some of these women to this House many of whom have travelled long distances to be here.I warmly welcome you every one of you to your national parliament, to Dail Eireann.What we discuss today is your story. What we address today is how you took this country’s terrible ‘secret’ and made it your own. Burying it carrying it in your hearts here at home, or with you to England and to Canada America and Australia on behalf of Ireland and the Irish people.But from this moment on you need carry it no more. Because today we take it back. Today we acknowledge the role of the State in your ordeal.We now know that the State itself was directly involved in over a quarter of all admissions to the Magdalene Laundries.Be it through the social services reformatories psychiatric institutions county homes the prison and probation service and industrial schools.In fact we have decided to include all the Magdalene women in our response regardless of how they were admitted.Dr McAleese set out to investigate five areas in particular;1: The routes by which the women entered the laundries2: Regulations of the workplace and State inspections3: State funding of and financial assistance to the laundries4: The routes by which the girls and women left the laundries5: Death registrations, burials and exhumationsIn all five areas there was found to be direct State involvement.As I read this Report and as I listened to these women, it struck me that for generations Ireland had created a particular portrait of itself as a good living God-fearing nation.Through this and other reports we know this flattering self-portrait to be fictitious.It would be easy to explain away all that happened – all we did in those great moral and social salves of ‘the culture back then’ = the ‘order of the day’, ‘the terrible times that were in it’.Yes, by any standards it was a cruel, pitiless Ireland distinctly lacking in a quality of mercy. That much is clear, both from the ages of the Report, and from the stories of the women I met.As I sat with these women as they told their stories it was clear that while every woman’s story was different each of them shared a particular experience of a particular Ireland judgemental intolerant petty and prim.In the laundries themselves some women spent weeks others months more of them years. But the thread that ran through their many stories was a palpable sense of suffocation not just physical in that they were incarcerated but psychological .spiritual social. Their stories were enriched by an astonishing vividness of recall of situation and circumstance.Here are some of the things I read in the report and they said directly to me:“The work was so hard, the regime was cruel.”“I felt all alone, nobody wanted me.”“They sent me because they thought I was going to a good school.”“I seen these older people beside me, I used cry myself to sleep.”“I was bold, I wasn’t going to school.”“I was locked up I thought I would never get out.”“We had to sew at night even when we were sick.”“I heard a radio sometimes in the distance.”“We were not allowed to talk to each other.”“Your letters were checked.”“I was so short I needed a stool to put washing in.”“The noise was desperate.”“I thought I would go mad from the silence.”“The heat was unbelievable.”“I broke a cup once and had to wear it hanging around my neck for three days.”“I felt always tired always wet .always humiliated.”“My father came for me after three months but I was too ashamed to go home.”“I never saw my Mam again she died while I was in there.”The Magdalene Women might have been told that they were washing away a wrong or a sin but we know now and to our shame they were only ever scrubbing away our nation’s shadow.Today, just as the State accepts its direct involvement in the Magdalene Laundries society too has its responsibility.I believe I speak for millions of Irish people all over the world when I say we put away these women because .for too many years we put away our conscience.We swapped our personal scruples for a solid public apparatus that kept us in tune and in step with a sense of what was ‘proper behaviour’ or the ‘appropriate view’ according to a sort of moral code that was fostered at the time particularly in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.We lived with the damaging idea that what was desirable and acceptable in the eyes of the Church and the State was the same and interchangeable.Is it this mindset then this moral subservience that gave us the social mores the required and exclusive ‘values’ of the time that welcomed the compliant, obedient and lucky ‘us’ and banished the more problematic, spirited or unlucky ‘them’?And to our nation’s shame it must be said that if these women had managed to scale the high walls of the laundries they’d have had their work cut out for them to negotiate the height and the depth of the barricades around society’s ‘proper’ heart. For we saw difference as something to be feared and hidden rather than embraced and celebrated.But were these our ‘values’?Because we can ask ourselves for a State – least of all a republic.What is the ‘value’ of the tacit and unchallenged decree that saw society humiliate and degrade these girls and women?What is the ‘value’ of the ignorance and arrogance that saw us publicly call them ‘Penitents’ for their ‘crime’ of being poor or abused or just plain unlucky enough to be already the inmate of a reformatory, or an industrial school or a psychiatric institution?We can ask ourselves as the families we were then what was worthy what was good about that great euphemism of ‘putting away’ our daughters our sisters our aunties ?Those ‘values’ those failures those wrongs characterised Magdalene Ireland.Today we live in a very different Ireland with a very a different consciousness awareness – an Ireland where we have more compassion empathy insight heart.We do because at last we are learning those terrible lessons. We do because at last we are giving up our secrets.We do because in naming and addressing the wrong, as is happening here today, we are trying to make sure we quarantine such abject behaviour in our past and eradicate it from Ireland’s present and Ireland’s future.In a society guided by the principles of compassion and social justice there never would have been any need for institutions such as the Magdalene Laundries.The Report shows that the perception that the Magdalene Laundries were reserved for what were offensively and judgementally called “fallen women” is not based upon fact at all but upon prejudice. The women are and always were wholly blameless.Therefore, I, as Taoiseach, on behalf of the State, the government and our citizens deeply regret and apologise unreservedly to all those women for the hurt that was done to them, and for any stigma they suffered, as a result of the time they spent in a Magdalene Laundry. I hope that the publication of the McAleese Report and this apology makes some contribution to the healing process.But in reflecting on this Report I have come to the view that these women deserve more than this formal apology, important though it is. I also want to put in place a process by which we can determine how best to help and support the women in their remaining years.One of the many things I have learned during my recent meetings with these women is that their circumstances and current needs vary greatly from person to person.That’s why the Government has today asked the President of the Law Reform Commission, Judge John Quirke, to undertake a three month review and to make recommendations as to the criteria that should be applied in assessing the help that the government can provide in the areas of payments and other supports, including medical cards, psychological and counselling services and other welfare needs.The terms of reference for Judge Quirke will be published later today and I will also arrange for the representatives of the women to be fully briefed on this process. When Judge Quirke has reported, the government will establish a Fund to assist the women, based on his recommendations.I am confident that this process will enable us to provide speedy, fair and meaningful help to the women in a compassionate and non adversial way. I am determined that the fund will be primarily used to help the women – as is their stated and strong desire – not for legal or administrative costs.The McAleese Report also refers to women who recounted similar experiences in other residential laundries, such as the laundry offering services to the public operated in the Training Centre at Stanhope Street, Dublin.The government has decided that these women should be included in both the apology I have extended today, and in the Fund.I am also conscious that many of the women I met last week want to see a permanent memorial established to remind us all of this dark part of our history.I agree that this should be done and intend to engage directly with the representative groups and of as many of the women as possible to agree on the creation of an appropriate memorial to be financed by the Government separately from the funds that are being set aside for the direct assistance for the women.Let me conclude by again speaking directly to the women whose experiences in Magdalene Laundries have negatively affected their subsequent lives.As a society, for many years we failed you.We forgot you or, if we thought of you at all, we did so in untrue and offensive stereotypes.This is a national shame, for which I again say, I am deeply sorry and offer my full and heartfelt apologies.At the conclusion of my discussions with one group of the Magdalene Women one of those present sang ‘Whispering Hope’. A line from that song stays in my mind – “when the dark midnight is over, watch for the breaking of day”.Let me hope that this day and this debate – excuse me – heralds a new dawn for all those who feared that the dark midnight might never end. THE FOLLOWING is the full text of the address to Dáil Éireann made by Enda Kenny this evening.A full audio clip of the Taoiseach’s address can be heard here, or at the end of the transcript below.In his speech, Kenny said the government and the citizens of Ireland “deeply regret and apologise unreservedly to all those women for the hurt that was done to them”.last_img read more

first_imgThe Planet Fitness gym chain explicitly bans ‘gymtimidation’. According to its website:Members can relax, get in shape, and have fun without being subjected to the hard-core, look-at-me attitude that exists in too many gyms.Austin was wearing capri pants and a tank top that showed her stomach at the time. She said she noticed people staring at her, but put her headphones in and kept walking.After a second employee requested she cover up, she asked for her money back and left.A spokesperson told UPI that the company “strives to make everyone feel comfortable.”More: The 11 people you will ALWAYS meet at the gym>More: 6 ways your diet is annoying the bejaysus out of everyone> Excuse me, we’ve had some complaints you’re intimidating people with your toned body. So can you put on a shirt? YOU KNOW THAT one person in the gym who’s perfectly fit and makes you feel bad about yourself?Well, one gym is taking action. A woman was asked to put on more clothes at a California workout centre because her “toned body” was intimidating other people.Tiffany Austin was walking on a treadmill during her first workout at a gym in Richmond, KTVU reports.She says a staff member then approached her and said:last_img read more

first_img(Bock the Robber/YouTube)Read: Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan has resigned>Read: Varadkar says Callinan should withdraw ‘disgusting’ remarks – but gardaí say he won’t>Read: Callinan says he didn’t call whistleblowers “disgusting”>Read: Callinan: Whistleblowers’ penalty points allegations are ‘quite disgusting’>Catch up: Everything you need to know about GardaGate in one place > “QUITE DISGUSTING”: THE two words that led, in part, to Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan’s shock resignation this morning.He made the remarks in relation to two whistleblowers while being questioned by the Public Accounts Committee in late January.“On a personal level, I think it’s quite disgusting,” Callinan told the independent TD Shane Ross about the fact that two men out of 13,000 were making “extraordinary serious allegations” about how penalty points were being dealt with by gardaí.Callinan subsequently said that he was not referring to Sergeant Maurice McCabe or former Garda John Wilson, but rather to the manner in which sensitive data was appearing in the public domain.Here’s the moment he made the comments:last_img read more

first_img(Today’s seizure. Image: Garda Press Office)GARDAÍ IN GALWAY have seized cannabis plants worth an estimated €2.5 million.Approximately 3,000 plants were seized as the result of a planned search of a business premises in the Tuam area of Co Galway. Drug growing paraphernalia was also seized.Gardaí described the the drug growing operation as “sophisticated”. This morning’s search was carried out as part of Operation Nitrogen, and involved the Divisional Drug Unit from Galway, who were assisted by the Regional Support Unit and local gardaí.Two males (aged in their mid-40s and early-50s) are being detained in Mill Street garda station under the provisions of Section Two of the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996.The drug seizure comes less than 24-hours after gardaí seized drugs believed to be worth €1.5 million in Kells, Co Meath.Read: Two arrested after drugs ‘worth €1.5m’ seized >last_img read more

first_imgA number of Utah residents reported seeing a UFO above the town of American Fork around 7:15 last night. The UFO appeared in the form of three red lights, which hovered in formation and apparently dropped flares. Resident Lynette Chidester told the local news, “I don’t believe in extra-terrestrials,” but added that the lights didn’t belong to a helicopter or airplane, “I noticed over the roof of the garage a red light and white light and the red light isn’t flashing like a plane light and that’s what draws my attention to it.”The local Provo and Salt Lake City airports didn’t report any unusual activity. Mike Galbraith issued a similar report from miles away, “They looked like they were flying in formation perfectly together and then whatever was dropping looked like it was burning real bright.”Neither the Provo nor Salt Lake City airports reported any unusual activity for the night.last_img read more

first_imgIf there’s any hint that a fight about to happen in my vicinity then I’m usually the first to be walking (or running) in the opposite direction. It’s the sensible thing to do as you don’t know who is concealing a weapon or which of the opponents has spent their life mastering a martial art and is eager to use it.If you do end up in a situation where fighting is your only option, just hope the other person doesn’t know Russian Systema. The description of the video above portrays it as the most efficient martial art in the world, and we believe it.With just a single hit, a palm, or precise placement of the hands or arms, these guys take down every opponent, including those with weapons. Often times they reverse the situation to be in their favor within seconds. Sure, some of this will be setup as a demonstration with opponents who know what’s coming, but in a real-life situation knowing how to do this would surely be useful when protecting yourself.I must admit, it would be great to know how to do this as most of the takedowns would cause a lot of embarrassment for the other party while not causing any serious injury. But until such a time as someone chooses to teach me these skills, I’ll be sticking with my running away tactic.via YouTubelast_img read more

first_imgWith the amount of work and play we all do on the Web nowadays, our browsers have become more than just desktop applications that display web pages. They’re more like an operating system unto themselves, and that’s precisely why Google thought it was a good time to release an actual browser OS. If you’ve been wondering if there would ever be a Mozilla response to Chrome OS, wonder no more: here comes Boot to Gecko.Mozilla plans to use the Android kernel and drivers as a base for Boot to Gecko, which will get the system running and deposit users at the Firefox start screen (whatever form that eventually takes). The company is also proposing the creation of new web APIs that will allow developers to tap into more hardware functionality, like NFC, Bluetooh, Cameras, USB, and telephony systems. Apps for the platform could be created using standard web code, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.AdChoices广告Initially, at least, Mozilla will target mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and other handheld devices. That’s not a complete surprise, given the company’s blue-sky, open source smartphone project called Seabird, which it revealed in September of 2010.The challenge, of course, lies in getting device manufacturers on board. There’s a real opportunity for Mozilla to challenge Google in the space, however — with many initial reactions to Chrome OS pondering that it was released a bit before the world was ready. Boot to Gecko (or perhaps Firefox OS) could swoop in later and capitalize on the browser OS buzz Chrome OS has built.More at Silicon Filter and the MozillaWikilast_img read more

first_imgThe new iPad might be ever-so-slightly thicker than the previous model, but it’s thinner in one respect: Apple’s profit margin.According to UBM Techinsights, the new iPad with 4G costs somewhere around $310 to build. At $619 retail, that’s a margin of roughly 51 percent. Apple fared slightly better with the previous iPad, which hovered around 56 percent for the 3G model.This is the point in the discussion where other tablet manufacturers wish they had Apple’s problems. Again.We’ve all seen what Apple has to deal with. There are the long lines of consumers swarming their retail stores to buy the new iPad or iPhone on launch day, the frenetic pace of pre-orders to contend with, and a supply chain that sometimes struggles to keep up with demand. Now, to make things “worse” they’ve got to cope with 5 percent less profit on the world’s soon-to-be-number-one tablet.But even at 51 percent, Apple is making a killing on the new iPad. Most PC and Android tablet manufacturers have been content to earn around 10 percent on their hardware — if that. Amazon might make somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 percent on the Kindle Fire, but that’s not even in the same ballpark.Considering they’re going to sell millions of the new iPad every month, the fact that Apple’s giving up a few bucks on each individual sale won’t end up hurting them in the long run. What might be more interesting to see is how their margin compares on the iPad 2 following the $100 price drop.Anyway you slice it, Apple’s moving a ton of tablets and they’re making a ton of money in the process.More at Electronistalast_img read more

first_imgIf you are a fan of turn-based strategy games and have yet to delve into Sid Meier’s Civilization series, Steam has a treat for you this Memorial Day weekend as it’s offering you the chance to test drive Civilization 5 for free!As an added bonus if you like the game itself (which I honestly can’t see why you wouldn’t) it’s going to be on sale for just $12.49, which bags you the Game of the Year Edition. For those of us that hopped on this title at launch and spent $49.99, we can assure you that this is a steal.Known for developing a long history of excellent titles, Sid Meier is a legend in the turn-based strategy genre with the Civilization series being perhaps the best he’s worked on during his storied career. For those who aren’t familiar with the Civ games, you assume the role of a historical figure and are charged with bringing your civilization into the space age by either being a master politician or a power hungry military commander hell-bent on conquering other nations. Both styles of play are incredibly entertaining, that along with the quality mechanics and look and feel make Civilization 5 a game that you really shouldn’t miss.Steam is offering the title for play until this Sunday at 1pm PDT. The only requirement is that you need to sign up for a free Steam accountBe warned, if you have plans this weekend they will be in jeopardy if you start playing this addictive title.You can find out more about the free weekend by going to the Steam page for Civilization 5 via CNet.last_img read more

first_imgIn yet another unfiltered look at the kind of media that North Koreans are exposed to, a new propaganda video from the totalitarian nation has surfaced, bringing with it a most unsettling mix of anti-American messaging, footage from the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and an instrumental version of the song “We Are the World.”The video, which was originally posted on North Korea’s state-controlled news website Uriminzokkiri and then uploaded to LiveLeak, starts off with a young man drifting off into sleep. His dream is filled with visions of a space rocket circling the planet before eventually revealing a decimated New York City. The caption on the screen mentions clouds of smoke billowing over the United States, according to the translation provided on LiveLeak.The end of the video concludes that the boy’s dream will “surely come true” one day, noting that North Korea will eventually achieve a “final victory.”All the while, an ethereal song that is supposed to promote world peace and civility plays in the background. Perhaps the most interesting part, though, is that the depiction of a bombed New York City, as Kotaku discovered, is actually just footage from Modern Warfare 3.So, the video uses a song that was produced in the United States, with footage of a video game that was produced in the United States, essentially promoting the destruction of the United States. Irony, anyone? Hopefully the USA never actually gets bombed, because if it does, North Korea‘s propaganda machine could lose some serious creative talent.last_img read more

first_imgThe popularity of the latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series saw many a retail store decide to open at midnight last night. And gamers turned up in their thousands to purchase the game as soon as they could. However, not everyone made it home with their copy of GTA V, in fact one gamer ended up in hospital instead.A 23-year-old living in London purchased the game from his local supermarket, but was soon after hit with a brick and then stabbed. Whoever committed the crime took the game and left the man injured in the street. The police were called and thankfully the victim is now stable and recovering in hospital.Although no one has been charged with the crime yet, the police have multiple suspects and hopefully will be able to identify the individual, or even the group, who carried it out. Injuring someone just to get hold of a new game is ludicrous, but clearly some people who can’t afford it will go to extremes to secure their copy.Hopefully this isn’t held up as an example of video games causing real world violence. It could have just as easily been another high-profile product release and midnight opening, such as when certain smartphones or tablets launch, that kicked off the violence. In this case it just happened to be a game.We wish the man a speedy recovery and access to a TV and PS3/Xbox 360 from his hospital bed to get some serious GTA V game time logged.last_img read more

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Feb 20th 2018, 9:11 AM By Sean Murray Short URL Long-delayed state-of-the-art €8 million cinema in Galway to finally open its doors this week The cinema will feature three screens, a bar and café. Tuesday 20 Feb 2018, 9:11 AM http://jrnl.ie/3861335 Image: Google Maps A LONG-DELAYED cinema in Galway’s city centre is finally set to open, as the first curtain will be pulled on the Pálás on Merchants Road Lower this Friday.The cinema is over a decade in the making, with millions of euro of public money pumped into it before the project was taken over by Element Pictures, the Irish production company that is also behind Dublin’s Lighthouse cinema.It will feature three screens with state-of-the-art technology, including capability of playing 35mm, a bar and coffee shop.The idea for the cinema, originally dubbed the Picture Palace, was first mooted as far back as 2004, when the first contractor for the cinema faced receivership and liquidation.The cinema project has been described as the creation of a cultural hub in the city.Construction on the cinema was eventually started in 2009 when then-Labour TD for Galway West Michael D Higgins cut the tape to signal the beginning of the build.However, over the years numerous setbacks and, last year, the Charities Regulator launched an investigation into the Solas-Galway Picture Palace Teoranta, a registered charity that had been behind the cinema project.That company then went into liquidation later in the year.The project has received millions of euro funding from the Irish Film Board, Galway City Council and the government, but was not completed until Element Pictures took over the project just over 12 months ago and provided the funds to complete its construction.In the Comptroller and Auditor General’s annual report last year, it was found that public funds committed to the project had increased by €2.1 million, from the initial expected cost of €6.3 million.Element’s takeover of the project was seen as significant as the company behind the successful Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin, as well as Irish productions such as The Lobster, The Room, and Frank. After the project was in relative limbo for years, the cinema has now been brought over the line with their involvement.Tickets for the first showings will go on sale today, with Lady Bird, The Shape of Water and I, Tonya on the bill.center_img Share91 Tweet Email1 Image: Google Maps Read: The state-funded firm behind Galway’s ‘disastrous’ art house cinema is being liquidatedRead: “It was a disaster from the word go”: Curtain finally set to rise on Galway’s Picture Palace Opening date announcement! Pálás will open this Friday Feb 23rd with evening and night screenings of #LadyBird, #TheShapeOfWater & #ITonya! Tickets for all screenings will be available to purchase from tomorrow. #PalasGalway #Palas pic.twitter.com/spMfgNdS34— Pálás Galway (@PalasGalway) February 19, 2018 34,496 Views 52 Comments Source: Pálás Galway/Twitterlast_img read more